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Become an Advocate
Become an Advocate

People who can make an impact on your cause are in your address book, following you on Facebook or LinkedIn, calling you to discuss business, or meeting you at an event.  They are at the store, on every sidewalk and live right next door to you!  A potential supporter may have just walked past you.  However, it may seem that they are so disconnected to what you are trying to accomplish. 


Potential supporters weigh many factors including return on investment, personal interest, peer influence and so much more.  Connect a potential supporter to an SLSF opportunity that will meet their needs and interests through engagement and discussion of three important topics:

  1. What's Your Why?

  2. Benefits of Involvement

  3. Get Involved

NWSRA participant at program

What's Your Why?

Benefits of Involvement

Get Involved

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