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About Us

Mission Statement – We exist to support children and adults with disabilities through philanthropy for Northwest Special Recreation Association.

Vision Statement – Maximizing all philanthropic opportunities to build a future that is diverse and inclusive by opening doors through innovative services and community opportunities.


Core Values  

  • Relationships: Fostering lasting partnerships through impactful collaborations

  • Integrity: Developing loyalty through stewardship, transparency and reliability

  • Social equity: Building bridges to opportunity and breaking down barriers to access

  • Sustainability: Innovative, adaptable and responsive to the growing needs of the community while maintaining fiscal responsibility

Funds raised through business partnerships, fundraising events, grants and individual donors support 5 focus areas, including:

Transportation – Purchasing wheelchair accessible vehicles for attending weekly programs, special events, trips and more.

Scholarships – Offers financial support for those in need, enabling them to participate in NWSRA activities.

Inclusion – Enabling children and adults with disabilities to participate in their home Park District.

Athletics – Providing support to Lightning athletes who have the opportunity to compete in various athletic opportunities.

Programs – Purchasing equipment and supplies to enhance recreational experiences

NWSRA participant at Ice Skating Tournament

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