Kevin's Club

Kevin Kendrigan's dream was that the creation of Northwest Special Recreation Association (NWSRA) would provide a place where people are celebrated for their abilities and everyone can access recreational programs specifically designed to meet their needs.  NWSRA continues his legacy by providing over 2,000 recreational programs annually that meet the diverse and unique needs of children and adults with any type of disability.  Through community outreach, analysis of trends and evolutional programming, NWSRA leads as a “one stop shop” for recreation.


Kevin was always forward thinking, and had a clear vision, as NWSRA programs and services would be at the forefront of community-based therapeutic recreation. To achieve this, he established Special Leisure Services Foundation (SLSF) to provide the additional dollars needed to ensure sustainability, affordability of programs and continued advancement.


Today, as state funding continues to decline and diagnoses of various disabilities continues to rise, families face increased challenges toward accomplishing the basic tasks of providing for their child or adult with a disability.  As families struggle to provide basic needs, many individuals with disabilities are unable to access opportunities to enhance personal independence, health & wellness, sensory integration, social & emotional skills and experience community integration.  Through scholarships, accessible transportation, inclusion, athletic and general program support, SLSF opens the doors of opportunity for children and adults with disabilities to meet their personal goals at NWSRA programs.


Kevin’s Club is a group comprised of those who understood his dream of reaching for the stars and creating the unique programs and services that break down barriers for individuals regardless of their ability.  It is also a group of individuals willing to make an annual financial commitment to make this dream a reality.

It takes a village.  Through partnerships with donors who are committed to Kevin’s vision, SLSF will provide the necessary funding for NWSRA to meet growing demands, provide innovative programming, and open new doors of opportunity within our communities.


All members of Kevin’s Club will receive:


  • Updates of NWSRA/SLSF happenings

  • Invitations to all SLSF events

  • Inclusion in the annual report donor listing

  • On-going information about how NWSRA and SLSF are making use of your donation.

  • Invitation to an exclusive summer celebration event for Kevin’s Club members


Cathy Kendrigan, Kevin’s widow, talked about this new initiative, stating, “I am touched by the fact that Kevin's legacy will be extended in this way and, more importantly, I'm sure he would approve.”

Kevin Kendrigan- past NWSRA Executive Director and SLSF President
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Make a commitment of a minimum $500 annual donation to support your community and become a member of Kevin's Club!

Contact Liz Thomas at 847-392-2848, ext. 227 or e-mail

Securing the Future

Your commitment will guarantee the continued expansion and development of innovative programs and services including:

Snoezelen Sensory Therapy:

Through technology and innovative design, the Snoezelen Room is a controlled multi-sensory environment that helps to create a therapeutic alliance between the client and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) as well as a safe place to develop life skills. The innovative Snoezelen Sensory Therapy programming within the room will continue to meet the future demands of an aging population with complex sensory integration, emotional and physical needs.