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Making Friends through NWSRA 


Michael and Erin met at NWSRA and have developed an incredible friendship. They both communicate through the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC), such as a tablet or laptop.   Some people use AAC throughout their life. Others may use AAC only for a short time, like when they have surgery and can’t talk.  With the support of these devices and NWSRA staff, they chat about everything from their pets to their favorite TV shows.  Like all good friendships, their relationship is an important source of security, comfort and self-worth. 

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Many people with disabilities have limited opportunities to take part in activities where they can meet peers and frequently become cut off and isolated from others. They may need support to fit into a program, participate in activities, and communicate with those around them. Without the programs and support provided by NWSRA, these individuals may never have the opportunity to know each other.


NWSRA programs and trained staff provide the consistency and support for friendships like Michael and Erin’s to flourish, to give them the opportunity to form the types of relationships that we all cherish and are grateful for – especially during the holiday season.


As we head into the holiday season and reflect on this past year, we could not be more grateful and appreciative of YOU. We are so lucky to have had amazing supporters by our side these past 40 years. If you feel so inclined, there is still time to make a difference in the lives of NWSRA participants, by donating before the end of the year. All you need to do is click the link below.

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