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Take the High Five Challenge!

  • STEP 1: Copy and paste the following to your social media:

    • “My name is __ and I am completing the SLSF High 5 Challenge to support individuals with disabilities by donating at least $5 at I am high fiving @(friend’s names) to take the challenge. Donate and share!"

    • Tag @slsf  on Facebook or @slsf_ig on Instagram

  • STEP 2: Donate below!

NWSRA participant at program

Your support is needed now!

NWSRA remains committed to addressing the unique physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs of individuals with disabilities within our communities. NWSRA staff have worked tirelessly to maintain essential interventions through virtual programming, making wellness calls, creating behavior plans, providing activity books and visual aids, updating the Activity Center and working on creating Recreation Boxes for our families during a time when resources are limited.


The stay-at-home order has been tough on NWSRA participants and families; changes in routine, increased behaviors due to being unable to communicate their thoughts and feelings, and isolation has been nothing short of a challenge. NWSRA’s online Activity Center, Virtual Programming and one-on-one staff calls have provided essential support to ensure that individuals with disabilities continue to lead active, healthy lives. YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED to continue improving lives during this time!

For More Information

For more information on how you can get involved with SLSF and transform the lives of those in
your community, please contact Cathy Splett, CFRE, CPRP, Superintendent of Development at

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